Why do I want to do this?

        My wife asked me why do I want to do this.  Why do I want to right a blog about Christianity?  Mind you, she isn’t against me doing so, she just wanted to know my purpose.  I have found that God often speaks to me through my wife.  God uses her gifts, in this instance, her intelligence and insight, to make me think things through.  In other words, my wife wanted to make sure I knew why I want to do this.  So, I must admit that this is my third effort towards answering her question.  Why do I want to do this?  This time - I got it right.


         My purpose here is to just share my walk with my Lord, Jesus Christ.  By doing so, my prayer is that I can reach others.  Whether I am able to challenge atheists, peak the interest of some that haven’t thought about their afterlife, or inspire other Christians, is not up to me.  I’m just sharing my experience, thoughts, and outlook as a Christian.  What God does with my sharing here will never be entirely known to me.  My hope is that God does use my efforts for His purposes, and maybe He’ll let me see a glimpse of His accomplishments with this blog.